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Full Name

Kallianne Mackenzie Medley


Date of Birth

August 11, 1999


About Kallie Medley

Kallie Medley is an American singer/songwriter/musician who literally began displaying her musical giftedness almost before her first steps.  At four she plunked out her first unique tune on the piano and put nonsensical words to the tunes – thankfully, as she matured so did her music.  It would be hard to box her into a genre as she’s more an eclectic smash up of Christian, Indie, Americana, and New Country. 


Kallie has performed at a variety of venues as well as for a number of charitable causes, including the Muskogee Chili Cook-Off, High Street Coffee, Blue Star Mothers, historic Roxy Theatre, Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, Erly Rush Coffee House, The Commodore Grill, Breast Cancer Awareness Rally, Hard Rock Café on Beale Street (where she helped to open for the Battle of the Bands), Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame, Douglas Corner, and last, but not least, the infamous Bluebird Café.  In addition to guitar, Kallie plays keyboard, glockenspiel, and bass guitar.  In 2017, she won the youth division title as well as People’s Choice in Lake Eufaula’s Got Talent. 


Kallie is active on her church worship team and spends her limited free time painting, drawing, reading, riding her horse, rescuing critters, and getting delighted smiles from every small child with whom she comes in contact.  In addition to her music career, she is interested in pursuing veterinary medicine.  Kallie has completed her high school diploma with very high marks and has been awarded a number of scholarships.


Facts & Trivia

1.   I love God with all my heart and want to glorify Him in all I do.

2.   I’ve been an animal rescuer for as long as I can remember. We do mostly cats/dogs, but have rescued       a goat, a pinkie mouse, baby rats, and even a boa constrictor!

3.   I cried when Robin Williams, David Bowie and Mary Tyler Moore died.

4.   My mom told me John Lennon was killed on her 15th birthday, then she said, “Hmmm, wonder who will         die on your birthday tomorrow?”  Robin Williams died on my 15th birthday. I burst into tears.

5.   I had “shark teeth” (double rows) and because almost all my baby teeth refused to fall out, most had

     to be pulled. I had to have braces because my two front teeth were sideways – my bite pattern was

     literally a “W”

6.   I once swallowed a live fish on a dare.

7.   I prefer English riding over Western and also love to ride bareback.

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A Look At The Future

If I had to choose an artist to collaborate with I’d be hard pressed to choose only one, but Ed Sheeran would have to be at, or at least near, the top of my list.  I appreciate his work not only because his song lyrics are uniquely arranged, but because his vocal talents are off the charts.  However, my earliest musical recollections (not counting Baby Beluga!) would be the numerous concerts I attended of Britt Nicole’s, including one where she even held my hand and put the mic up between us so we could sing a portion of her song together.  I lived on that memory for years!


Another of my favorite, but not so well-known, artists is Isabeau Waia’u Walker, a history teacher, who has built a huge following for her music via YouTube from her home on the Oregon coast.  I admire her tenacity not to mention her voice is mesmerizing – I am curious to see how we would sound together. 


Last, but not least, my list would have to include one of my earliest influences, which was BarlowGirl, who I am sad to say have since disbanded, but though I have met them in person (and was utterly tongue tied) I’d love an opportunity to just sit and sing with them, even acapella because their harmonies are absolutely amazing.